Home Staging Services

When it comes time to sell your home, Captiva Design Home Staging services are just what you need to make that all important first impression with realtors and home buyers alike. In one visit, your furnishings and accessories will be rearranged to showcase the value and potential in your home. You also will be given a Resale Redesign plan, customized to your budget, with cost-effective ideas that can be implemented quickly to further enhance the profit potential of your property.

Click here  to view photos in the Home Staging gallery.

Click here to view photos in the Home Staging gallery.

And if you need us to implement your plan, we'll be right there with you every step of the way. So whether you're about to list with a broker or you're going For Sale By Owner, call us to transform your home into someone else's dream!

We Offer These Home Staging Options:

Home Consultation

You will receive:

  • Instruction on the "why" and "hows" of Staging
  • Home Analysis
  • Staging Plan of Action
  • Showing Instructions
  • Home Resources
  • Proposal & Bid.

Staging to Sell Your Occupied Home

You will receive:

The use of your existing furniture and accessories to create a showcase home. Furniture, area rugs, lighting and accessories may be removed, rearranged from room to room or simply rearranged in the room. If needed, we can rent accessories such as mirrors, art, silk arrangements, etc to further enhance the overall appeal of the home, providing you with a more desirable home than any other home on the market resulting in a faster and more profitable sale!

Staging to Sell Your Vacant Home

You will receive:

  • The use of rented furniture along with accessories used to create a showcased home that will guide home buyers in the full benefits and positive aspects of living in the home.
  • Rooms that create enticing photos to lure Home Buyers into the home.

Staging to Live (Interior Redesign)

You will receive:

The use of your furniture and accessories to create better function, flow and beauty for one specific room or your entire home! If desired, you can have us shop and purchase additional pieces of furniture and/or accessories to enhance the outcome.

Unpacking Your New Home

You will receive:

We place all of your furniture and accessories to optimize the beauty and function of your new home and get you completely settled in no time at all!

When Selling Your Home

Your home becomes a house that is a product on the market and it must be packaged more beautifully than any other home.

Begin to emotionally detach yourself from your home. View your home through a buyer's eye... what do you see?

How to begin to create a Staged Home:

  1. De-Personalize: We do this so that anyone who walks through your home will feel as though they are walking into their new home, not YOUR home. We also do this so everyone can connect with the house, regardless of race or ethnicity.
  2. De-Clutter: Buyers need to have enough room to be able to visually imagine their belongings in the space. We literally need to create enough space for this to happen. Also, square footage equals equity. If much of your square footage is being eaten by too much furniture, then you are literally eating the equity out of your home and lowering it's worth which is preventing it from being sold at the asking price.
  3. Neutralize: Neutralizing is the safest way to appeal to most of the buyers that view your property. We want you home to appeal to people with varying tastes, not just those who have the same tastes as you.
  4. Evoke Emotions: Homes are purchased on emotions. Statistics tell us that professionally Staged Homes are purchased even when they do not meet the Home Buyers main criteria for buying a home. Homes need to feel fresh, updated, peaceful, orderly and beautiful.
  5. Ease: Buyers want a "Turn Key" home. This is a home that does not need any major work done for it to be livable. Most new Buyers will want to add there personal touches to a home but they want to be able to live with what currently exists until they can personalize it to suit them. And the more a buyer has to change in a potential new home, the less likely they are to buy it.

How buyers shop for homes:

  1. Internet photos: If the photos that represent your home over the internet are not appealing, they will not draw potential buyers. "Staged" photos draw the most buyers as they are the most appealing.
  2. Curb Appeal: Once a buyer is in front of the house, they make the decision to get out and view the house OR to view the other houses in the neighborhood.
  3. First Impression: Home Buyers decide within 5 seconds of entering the home whether this is their potential new home.
  4. Kitchen: This is the most important room. This is what sells the home.
  5. Master Suite
  6. Bathrooms

How does your home measure up?

For your added convenience, the following credit cards are accepted:

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