Master Bathroom Custom Framed Mirrors by Captiva Design

MBedroom Mirror BEFORE We can add the finishing details to your bathroom by adding custom frames to any existing mirror.  It's so simple, you select the frame you like, we'll measure and place the order.  Within days, we will install your frames, and BAM! You have a amazing new look.

Mirror Install 1

Installation is so easy.  No mess.  Frames can be pre-assembled for quick installation.

Custom Framed Mirrors by Captiva Design

Finishing touch!  Looks so nice.  This client wanted a clean and contemporary feel.  The brushed nickel frame was an excellent choice.

Contact Bridget King of Captiva Design @ 954.205.6555.  We have an array of frames based on your style and budget.  Custom Frames really do make a difference.  Happy Décor! :-)