Home Staging Redesign | SW Ranches Home

It was a pleasure to work on the exciting Home Redesign project located in the heart of SW Ranches, FL.  This home has so many features working in its favor.  It's easy to see why it had a contract in less than one week.  The Homeowner was so excited.  The investment in Home Staging really paid off.  Let's take a look at some of the changes that made a real impact.


1. We changed the Chandelier.  The client wanted to take their lighting fixture to their new home.  TIP:  If you want to keep certain light fixtures in the home, then remove them and replace with something else that will still work with the design.  When Buyers are purchasing your home they are expecting the sale of the home to include all fixtures unless stated in the Sellers contract.

2.  We removed all personal photos from the Built-In Server, and the small mirror above the Server.  We replaced the mirror with artwork which brought color to the room, and was a larger size since the wall in quite large.  TIP:  Use artwork or mirrors that are scaled for the size of the wall.  If the piece is too small it gets lost on the wall.

3.  We opened the Sheer Drapery to allow more light to come into the room.  Potential Buyers like light and bright spaces.  We also added two candle stick lamps to the server to add more light and fill the large space.  TIP:  When showing your home open all window blinds/drapery and turn on all lights.  Rooms look and feel larger when properly lighted.

4.  We changed the centerpiece on the Dining Table to reflect more elegance.  Again, if you have a large surface use accessories that are scaled correctly in size so that the items do not get lost.

Want to see more information on this listing?  Click:  http://marketing.remaxdesigncenter.com/09/26709/2463438/index.html

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